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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

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ICM Screen Image demonstrating customized messages
Play the caller a customized message

ICM Screen Image demonstrating call transfer
Transfer call to another phone

Internet Call Manager Info

Take phone calls while using dial-up internet

ICM | Screenshots | More Info | Free Trial

Internet Call Manager lets you keep in touch with family and friends when you're online. No more complaints about constant busy signals! No more rushing off-line for important calls! You get instantly notified of calls through a pop-up window on your desktop with the name, number and city/state of your caller. You can choose to:

ICM Screen Image
  • Answer the call
  • Send the call to voice mail
  • Transfer the call to another phone like a cell
  • Play the caller a customized message
  • Ignore the call and keep surfing!

ICM includes everything you need, no Call Waiting or Caller ID is required. It starts at $5.95 per month.

Also, you save money by replacing your answering machine provided by the telephone company.


"Thank you very much... It has been a God sent gift to me being able to answer my calls even when I am on the Internet. It has been dependable and accurate. Thank you again."

"ICM was easy to get, it's easy to use and starts at $5.95 per month."

"... I have had my Internet Call Manager for 1 year and believe it to be the most important software I have ever used while on the Internet. I wouldn't be able to live without it!!"

"Now I don't worry about missing important calls while I check my email."

"ICM has ended the arguments in the house, the kids can be online and we can get our calls."

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