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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Webmaster Solutions Info

Plan Introduction to hosting multiple websites

Respect should be given to those who take up the challenge to be a Webmaster. The job requires taking responsibility for peoples data. As technology moves ahead, you must have confidence in your solutions. And if truly good at your profession, then your services will go unnoticed, since everything works all the time.

Whether you are seeking to outsource or just looking for a solid platform, choose GoCom Canada Inc for all your hosting needs. Have confidence in us keeping your services up to date. Rest assured that the backup is being performed. Know that answers are available to your questions. Working together, strengthens us all.

Manage all your clients from one location

Avoid waiting for administrators. Instead setup websites instantly by use of the WHM web interface. You can create standard packages, track website usage, and if required suspend service until the client situation is resolved. Websites can have bandwidth limited, thereby controlling your expenses.

Economy of scale

Leverage the economy of scale to your side. The capacity you purchase from GoCom Canada Inc is shared among your websites. You can even oversell your capacity, thereby using left over capacity of websites you host.

Resell your service

WHM allows you to create your own CPanel accounts for resale. The client will have thier own private interface with access only to thier information. If you develop websites for clients, then you can take part in the revenue of hosting websites.

Let clients manage themselves

Save your time by providing a CPanel inteface to each of your clients, they can setup thier own email and monitor thier own usage statistics.

Plan Summary of webmaster options

Plan Monthly
Webmaster I 39.95 399.95 5 GB 35 GB 10
Webmaster II 69.95 699.95 10 GB 65 GB 25
Webmaster III 99.95 999.95 20 GB 100 GB Unlimited

Plan Detail of services included

Webmaster hosting gives you access to WHM which is one level above the CPanel. WHM gives you the additional funcitonaly of managing CPanel accounts, managing DNS and setting up SSL certificates. Any websites you host will be done so through a CPanel account. The CPanel accounts you create will have all the same benefits as what is described under Business Web Hosting.

All resources are unlimited except for Disk Space, Data Transfer and number of allowed CPanel accounts.